Steve and Diane Nevill

Folk brought us together – back in the 70’s - when everyone seemed to play guitar and sing. Back then though, we would never have thought of performing in folk clubs, they were for the ‘professionals’. (Nowadays, in our experience, they are much more inclusive.)

Steve Nevill

Steve – a ‘natural’ musician – then found an affinity with Anglo concertina and melodeon. He played for several Morris sides over two decades, starting with Mad Jacks Morris (including the time when the Hastings Jack in the Green was revived). He also played hammered dulcimer and sang occasionally.

Steve first became a resident at Seaford in 2000. Diane was eventually persuaded out of her comfort zone (audience) in 2003 when she began to sing ‘out front’. She was included as a resident in 2005.

Steve and Diane Nevill

Work & family commitments lead to our well used phrase "don’t get out much" - spending Friday evenings in Seaford and Saturday at the Lewes Saturday Folk Club.

Our grateful thanks also go to Horsham and Chichester City folk clubs – which make for great nights out as our only alternative sortie’s – except during our holiday’s.

You can hear us perform Sovay here

Tom Cunliffe,
11 Jan 2010, 00:26