Every week talented guest artistes from a range of musical backgrounds are booked to perform two extended sets in between which they are supported by short spots from the residents and other visiting performers.

Although the club has a strong traditional music bias, all forms of folk and acoustic music, song, story and verse are welcome and floor spots are always available for visiting performers.
We are not a formal club; there is no membership fee.  On guest nights an admission charge of £5.00 per person is collected at half time, which is used solely to pay the guest performer that week.  The running costs of the club are obtained from a weekly raffle with various prizes.  On Singers and Musicians Night a £2.00 entry fee per person (which includes the raffle) is collected.  

Here is a video of our residents playing Lambton Worm and Keep Your Feet Still Geordie  Hinnie:

Seaford Folk Club Residents

Some photos of the club's event at Seaford Live 2011 can be seen in the slideshow below


Next event: The programme for September 2016 to December 2016 has now been published - please go to our Programme page to see it.
We are sorry to say that there is no wheelchair access to the first floor room where we meet.


Friday 7 October!
The Bad news is:-
Due to personal circumstances, Simon Kempston cannot be our guest at this Fridays folk club.

The Good news is:-
Will and Wolfie can.
Mike Ainscough and Chris Wolferston, guitarists at their best with a variety of songs, music and humour.

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